This is the cause of jellyfish stranded to the beach recently

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This is the cause of jellyfish stranded to the beach recently

Dead jellyfish are stranded in Pesisir Selatan. (ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - Chairperson of Study Program of Postgraduate Water Resources, Coastal and Marine at Bung Hatta University (UBH) of Padang, Harfiandri Damanhuri revealed the phenomenon of jellyfish stranded in Pariaman and Pesisir Selatan Beaches due to the disposal of domestic waste into the sea and carried by surface currents thus changing the pattern of jellyfish migration.

"Climate changes such as changes in currents and mass movements of sea water are low, so that the level of water fertility and high oxygen levels can increase the availability of feed sources for jellyfish," he said when contacted from Padang on Friday.

It was also caused by the fertility of the waters at a certain time.

It was also caused by changes in the earth's temperature and climate such as relatively long temperatures during the cycle of change, so that phytoplankton or jellyfish food sources accumulate in one place and cause jellyfish also accumulate in that area.

"So that when the current moves, the jellyfish will also be carried by the current and be stranded to the beach," he continued.

In addition, the increase of the number of jellyfish is also due to the turtle population that is starting to scarce in W Sumatra.

"Jellyfish are the main food of all types of turtles in the world and in the waters of W Sumatra there are four types of turtles, but at this time the population is starting to decrease," he said.

According to him the increase of the number of jellyfish is dependent on the weather, if there is still a fog, the tropical sea will become more static and the waters will become fertile, so that the number of jellyfish will rise to the surface.

"In addition, the amount of dust causes the light to the surface of the sea to decrease, the movement of sea water to slow, there is a high productivity of water on the surface, also causes jellyfish rise to the surface," he continued.

Jellyfish are planktonic animals, transparent, and they move because there are dynamic ocean currents.

Usually poisonous jellyfish are red and blue colors that rarely appear to the surface, but the displacement is caused by the marine water cycles.

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Translated: Mutiara Ramadhani - Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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