Padang State University Disburses IDR 6 Billion for Research and Community Service

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Padang State University Disburses IDR 6 Billion for Research and Community Service

Chairperson of the UNP Research and Community Service Institute Prof. Dr. Yasri. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Aadiyat M.S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - Padang State University (UNP), W Sumatra, disbursed more than Rp6 billion in funds to fund the research and community service for the people in the province during 2019.

"So there is research and there is also service to the community in the form of activities," said Chairperson of the Institute for Research and Community Service at UNP Prof. Dr. Yasri after the opening of research and community service activities as well as the MoU of Pariaman City Administration with UNP in Pariaman, on Saturday.

He said the community service activities were carried out in various forms ranging from training the community to being skilled to the development of technology-based tourism and entrepreneurial villages.

He explained that the training carried out by utilizing the potential of the area included processing coconut fiber and coconut shells, as well as making soap.

He conveyed that the activities carried out by his party were a form of tri dharma of higher education and to increase people's income.

Yasri said that for the three regions, namely Pariaman City, Padang Pariaman Regency, and Mentawai Islands Regency, they disbursed funds reaching Rp1.7 billion.

At least, he continued for the three regions there were 20 research titles and 45 community service activities involving more than 100 lecturers at the UNP.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Pariaman Genius Umar asked UNP to apply the results of his research in the city to increase human resources in the area.

"We are ready as the center of the application of the research, for example to quickly calculate in mathematics and master fast English," he said.

He said his side is currently working to improve education in the City of Pariaman starting from making one family program to one graduate and subsidizing the education costs of early childhood education teachers (PAUD).

"At present there are many PAUD teachers who only graduate from high school equivalent, therefore UNP is also expected to help by also providing subsidies," he said. (*)

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