There Will be Resort for TdS Riders in 2018

id There Will be Resort for TdS Riders in 2018

Etape IV TdS. (Antara)

Arosuka, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Solok District, West Sumatra stated on Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2018 there will be a resort that can accommodate participants and events official of international cycling in the area.

"The resort was built by members of the House of Representatives Epyardi Asda in Singkarak area or it is just 1 kilometer from Singkarak pier with a budget of Rp50 billion," Deputy Regent of Solok District, Yulfadri Nurdin stated in Singkarak, at the release of participants of TdS Stage 4, Tuesday.

He said Tour de Singkarak event should benefit economically and create new jobs for the community.

Therefore the local government is trying to improve the tourist attraction at Lake of Singkarak.

"Moreover TdS has been through various cities and districts in West Sumatra. As the originator district, of course we expect the effects of TdS for the development of Solok tourism," he said.

Event of Tour de Singkarak has been implemented nine times, but no participants can stay in Solok in considering the limitations and lack of existing facilities.

To realize the hope, there are a lot of things to be improved, especially in improving facilities and supporting infrastructure, such as the venue, souvenir sales center, shopping centers and other facilities that can help to fulfill the needs of travelers while being in tourism areas.

With the construction of the resort, it is believed that the opportunity to make Singkarak as a 'grand finish' and 'grand start' in the next Tour de Singkarak will open, he added. (cha)

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