Payakumbuh Invites SMEs To Improve Product Packaging Quality

id Payakumbuh Invites SMEs To Improve Product Packaging Quality

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Payakumbuh, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Payakumbuh Municipality, West Sumatra invites Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the area to package products as attractive as possible and improve the quality to be able to compete in national and global markets.

Payakumbuh Deputy Mayor Erwin Yunaz in Payakumbuh, Monday, said to be able to compete in the global market, perpetrators of SMEs should continue to improve the quality according to developments and follow market demands.

To increase knowledge and more familiar with the market tastes, SMEs actors can take advantage of exhibitions that have been held by local government and private sector.

Through the exhibition, micro business actors can introduce and market their products, and will be caught whether received by the market or not so it becomes a means of evaluation for improvement.

For example, West Sumatra Expo event held in Batam in October 2017 can be followed by the perpetrators of SMEs. No matter how small the opportunity, it should be captured and utilized as much as possible.

After the exhibition, the perpetrators of SMEs can learn a lot, let alone who participated in the West Sumatra Expo event from various regions so that they can exchange experiences and knowledge to improve the quality of products produced.

Meanwhile, Head of Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) SME Promotion Department of Cooperatives and SMEs Elfirahmawati said Payakumbuh has several excellent products including rendang and galamai, weaving, embroidered, handicraft bags, fashion accessories and so on.

He pointed out to the West Sumatra Expo in Batam some time ago, it brings the excellent products.

At the exhibition, a number of excellent products attracted many visitors such as rendang and gelamai. (cha)

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