Pariaman Invites Immigrants To Invest in the Region

id Pariaman Invites Immigrants To Invest in the Region

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Pariaman, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Pariaman Municipality, West Sumatra, continues to seek and invite successful immigrants to invest in the region to promote progress in various sectors.

"The nomads are expected to be utilized by the government in inviting investments in their hometown," Deputy Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar stated in Pariaman, Thursday.

Pariaman municipal government is intensively conducting the construction of public facilities and infrastructure to convince investors to invest in the city.

One of the obstacles of government in bringing in investors is the consideration of capital owners related to the population of Pariaman which is only about 92 thousand.

Every investor who comes from the study of various sides, one of which the population then associated with Internal Rate of Return (IRR) or an indicator of investment efficiency level, he said.

"Investors who will invest their capital are always doing this study, because they think about the long-term investment when they come back," he added.

IRR or efficiency level indicator is closely related to the population of a region so that it becomes one of the obstacles in Pariaman when compared with other regions such as Java.

However, the local government has promised prospective investors to facilitate various access to capital investment in Pariaman.

Meanwhile, James Nazmi (63), an investor in Pariaman, said he has invested up to Rp20 billion for the construction of a resort in Kata Beach, South Pariaman Sub-district.

"One of the reasons we invested in Pariaman is the determination to build a hometown because it has been in Australia since 1980 and 2006 in West Java Province," he said.

In investing, Pariaman government facilitate all sorts of administration so that there are no significant obstacles. (cha)

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