Pariaman Elections Commission Invites Students To Be Democracy Ambassadors

id Pariaman Elections Commission Invites Students To Be Democracy Ambassadors

Illustration - Pilkada. (Antara)

Pariaman, (Antara Sumbar) - The General Elections Commission (KPU) of Pariaman Municipality , West Sumatra, makes the students in the area as Ambassadors of Democracy in facing Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) in 2018.

"Beginner students or voters are one of the agents in shaping democracy in Indonesia, especially Pariaman which will face direct elections soon," Planning and Program Division of Local KPU, Alfiandri Zaharmi remarked, in Pariaman, Friday (Sept 8).

He explained to implement and make Ambassador of Democracy, KPU gives political education and application of election of Intra School Student Organization (OSIS) Head with election system.

The implementation of electoral system in schools is expected to educate students in knowing the importance of democracy and select leaders for the next period, he said.

"Only one school namely SMAN 2 Pariaman, signed a memorandum of understanding with KPU on the election of OSIS chairman through electoral system," he said.

The Democracy Ambassadors, he said, have a strategic role in delivering and providing continuous knowledge about healthy politics in their environment.

"After the students have political knowledge and everything about the election, it is expected that they will return to parents, and families in general," he said.

However, he said, KPU will continue to monitor Ambassadors of Democracy in order to do not engage in practical politics on the organization of five-year democracy party in the area.

"We will guide the young generation, especially the novice voters so there is no such thing which will to be the influenced things that can damage democratic structure," he said.

Meanwhile, member of Parliament Pariaman, Fitri Nora said political knowledge of people in the area is still low so it takes political education on every line.

"Regional development is not enough with physical development, but mental education and community knowledge are needed too," he said.

He explained in general Pariaman is no longer have problems related to physical development, so it is time to maximize education sector including politics and students as novice voters.

"Political education is not solely about the party alone, but also the knowledge of political ins and outs broadly," he added.

He explained that political education is needed because community is a determinant in the field of democracy starting from the lowest namely the elections of village heads, mayors, legislative to president. (cha)

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