Tanah Datar broke MURI record for the most talempong pacik players

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Tanah Datar broke MURI record for the most talempong pacik players

Breaking the record for the most talempong pacik players involving 1599 people in Pagaruyung, Tanah Datar District (Antara / Etri Saputra)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The performance using the Minang traditional musical instrument, talempong pacik which was held on Festival Pesona Minangkabau 2019 at Istano Basa Pagaruyung, successfully broke the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) record with a total of 1,599 players.

"The 1,599 people are based on MURI verified results from a total of 2000 talempong pacik players proposed by the Tanah Datar government to MURI Indonesia," said MURI Representative who served as MURI Senior Manager Awan Rahargo in Batusangkar on Wednesday.

The award certificate was handed over directly by MURI representative Awan Rahargo to the Tanah Datar Regent Irdinansyah Tarmizi at Istano Basa Pagaruyung.

He said from the MURI record, the Tanah Datar Government had managed to break the record of playing talempong pacik musical instruments with the most participants.

Namely breaking the record of most talempong pacik players by involving 1000 participants which was held in the Limapuluh Kota Regency in 2012.

Then the most talempong pacik players involved 1371 participants on the implementation IQRA in Padang City, 2015.

"It means, with the most 1,599 talempong pacik players, Tanah Datar has fulfilled the criteria to enter Indonesia's MURI record for the record with the most participants," he said.

He said overall Tanah Datar District had broken three MURI records through the Festival Pesona Minangkabau since 2017.

The first was in 2017 with the highest number of jamba processions breaking, as many as 1,111 jamba from 75 Nagari districts in Tanah Datar District and in 2018 where the most 4,000 "kawa daun" drinking.

The Regent of Tanah Datar, Irdinansyah Tarmizi, said that one of the objectives of the event was to preserve the culture in Minangkabau, exactly in Tanah Datar.

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