Preservation Silek Tradisi needs budget support from the local government

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Preservation Silek Tradisi needs budget support from the local government

Attraction of Silek Tradisi in Payakumbuh. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - Preservation of Silek Tradisi Minangkabau, can not only be handed over to perpetrators, but also needs support from the local government in order become maximum and sustainably.

"The program can be arranged well, but most are constrained by the budget. We need government support, "said Chairman of the Tuo Silek Minangkabau Association Luak Limopuluah, Irwandi, Pandeka Tareh Batimba was contacted from Padang on Friday.

According to him, one of the concrete efforts carried out by Tuo Silek in Minangkabau was to form an association. Currently there are in Luak Limopuluah (Payakumbuh / Limapuluh Kota) and Solok Selatan.

The association was intended to revive local wisdom, Silek Minangkabau which began to be eroded by martial arts from abroad.

"Some programs such as silek tradisi, extra-curricular school entrance, festivals to seminars have been designed. However, the problem is the budget, "said Irwandi.

Fortunately, the City Government of Payakumbuh has the same vision related to traditional art and is willing to welcome the programs offered while providing budget support.

"The progam of silek tradisi is entering the school, silek program was welcomed by Mayor Riza Falepi as well as festivals and seminars which have been routinely held every year since 2017. In this case we really appreciate the regional head, "he said.

In contrast to the concerns in Payakumbuh City, Limapuluh Kota Regency Government is said to be still not too serious in supporting the program to preserve Silek tradisi Minangkabau. He hopes in the future, his concern will be the same or even exceed Payakumbuh City.

Earlier, Head of the Youth and Sports Tourism Office of Payakumbuh City, W Sumatra, Elfriza Zaharman said Payakumbuh Mayor, Riza Falepi had great attention to the development of arts and traditional silek in the area.

Since 2017, the Payakumbuh Government has allocated a budget for the implementation of the Silek Festival to support the preservation of regional culture. Since 2018, the silek has been collaborated with the Silek Art Festival (SAF) which has a similar goal.

According to him, the positive activity will be maintained as an annual event so that the young generation will get to know Silek Tradisi that famous in the international world, but the young generation has begun to be abandoned in their own country. (*)

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