BMKG recommends outdoor activities during the day because of the poor quality air


BMKG recommends outdoor activities during the day because of the poor quality air

Morning air blur in Banuhampu Subdistrict, Agam Regency due to smoke pollution from forest fires that occurred in the area around W Sumatra. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Ira Febrianti)

Bukittinggi (ANTARA) - The Meteorology and Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of the Bukit Kototabang Global Atmospheric Monitoring Station (GAW) stated that at night until 10:00 am, the time of poor quality air in W Sumatra.

"The air quality is worse at night, then in the morning until 10:00 WIB," Head of BMKG Station GAW, Wan Dayantolis confirmed from Bukittinggi, on Friday.

At that time pollution tends to be more concentrated because the atmosphere is stable so that pollutants are trapped on the surface, while during the day the atmosphere is unstable so that it can carry pollutants to higher layers.

During the day, the wind movement is faster causing pollutants to be carried to other places.

"In a foggy condition, if you really want to do outdoor activities, it's better during the day. But it still needs to be limited, especially for vulnerable groups such as parents and children, "he said.

It is advisable to do outdoor activities to use a mask to reduce the risk of respiratory distress due to breathing unclean air.

BMKG predicts that the smoke condition in W Sumatra will continue for the next three days due to the small chance of rain.

"The condition yesterday, on Thursday, Sept 12 was one of the worst in W Sumatra this year but the potential is still continuing because of the forecast for a small chance of rain in the next few days," he said.

Measured air quality at GAW Station, which is located far from settlements and industrial activities, a mwas at medium level, so in areas where the smoke seems to be more clearly, ascertained the concentration of particulate pollution is higher.

According to him, the decline in air quality every year due to forest and land fires. It should be able to increase mutual awareness to protect the environment.

"Air pollution cannot be handled by only one part, but together. "Awareness of the environment should be had cause land fires occur every year," he said. (*)

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