Dharmasraya holds Pamalayu Festival, an event full of historical values

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Dharmasraya holds Pamalayu Festival, an event full of historical values

Regent Dhamasraya Sutan Riska Tuangku Kerajaan (second from left) accompanied by Head of Public Relations Setdakab Budi Waluyo (left) and Director of the Langgam Institute Pandong Spenra and Head of the Culture Department for Youth and Sports Tourism, Sutan Henri (right) during a press conference Pamalayu (ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Government of Dharmasraya Regency held the Pamalayu Festival as a series of 16th anniversary commemorative events on January 7, 2020, which will be launched at the National Museum on August 22, 2019.

Regent Sutan Riska said, the first festival held must be raised on a national scale because of its launch at the National Museum, but the implementation of the series of activities until its peak day remained at Dharmasraya.

Because, the series of activities in the Pamalayu Festival is quite large in the long run until the peak coincides with the commemoration of the 16th Anniversary of Dharmasraya Regency on January 7, 2020.

"This event will become an annual agenda so that it can be an attraction for many people to come to Dharmasraya. During this time the impression of people to Dharmasraya only saw the commodity of oil palm and rubber. "In the future, it will be presented with a festival full of historical values," he said.

The Regent said that he wanted to develop the values of unity and friendship between the two major kingdoms in the past.

"The values of goodness continue into the Islamic period with the existence of several kingdoms in Dharmasraya that are still alive today," said one of the initiators of the Pamalayu Festival.

The Pamalayu Festival carries the theme "Celebrating Dharmasraya". This theme, said Sutan Riska, invited everyone, both observers of the Dharmasraya to the public, to join the pulse of the Pamalayu Festival agenda happily.

Head of the Youth and Sports Culture Tourism Office, Sutan Henri added, Pamalayu Festival is a tourism event that has the spirit of exploring, studying and utilizing the history of the Dharmasraya Regency.

Dharmasraya Regency was administratively born on January 7, 2004, so it will commemorate the 16th anniversary of the district on January 7, 2020. In fact, hundreds of years before, the name Dharmasraya had already existed in various historical records.

One historical record that brazes the name of Dharmasraya is the Amogaphasa statue which is currently kept in the National Museum along with the Bhairawa statue.

Dharmasraya has a civilization of the past, which can be seen from a number of historical and cultural relics such as Candi Sawah, Padang Roco and Awang Maombiak. In addition, there are still several kingdoms that still exist today with various relics, including the Kingdoms of Punjung Island, Siguntur, Padang Laweh and Koto Besar.

The various historical relics inspired the Dharmasraya Regency Government to hold a festival that was held a marathon for almost five months, from 22 August 2019 to 7 January 2020.

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Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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