Traffic Flow in Kelok Sembilan Began To Increase

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Kelok Sembilan. (Antara)

Sarilamak, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Traffic flow in Kelok Sembilan road, Limapuluh Kota, West Sumatra as the main route which is connecting West Sumatra and Riau began to increase since Tuesday (June 12) morning.

"The volume of vehicles has started to increase compared to the previous day which is still normal," Head of Traffic Police Unit of Limapuluh Kota AKP Dwi Yulianto stated in here on Tuesday (June 12).

He said the increase in the flow occurred in the vehicle path coming from the direction of Pekanbaru, Riau to West Sumatra.

"Although it starts to increase, but the traffic flow condition is still smooth," he said.

While the vehicle from West Sumatra to Pekanbaru is still fairly normal.

Besides, the police plans to calculate how the average vehicle that passes within one hour.

On the other hand, he still appealed the motorists to obey the rules and traffic signs installed on the overpass.

"It is already installed traffic signs about the stop and parking restrictions along the overpasses and we asked the riders to keep the rules," he remarked.

Traffic compliance is done to ensure the smooth of homecoming floe for vehicles through flyover considering Kelok Sembilan is the main link between West Sumatra and Riau.

Nevertheless, he said that as far as the current observations of the riders, they are fairly orderly and obey the existing signs.

Overall, the police force down 265 personnel for securing the flow of homecoming, backflow, and tourist attractions in the area. (cha)

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