Tanah Datar Government Asks Businessmen To Pay Taxes

id Tanah Datar Government Asks Businessmen To Pay Taxes

Illustration. Cares of taxes. (Antara)

Batusangkar, (Antara Sumbar) - Government of Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra, invites hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs in the area to abide by paying taxes because it is one of regional income sources.

The tax paid means in contributing to infrastructure development so that the region can become self-sufficient gradually and reduce dependence on central government, Assistant General Administration of Tanah Datar, Azwar Rabain stated in Batusangkar on Wednesday (Oct 4).

This year, Tanah Datar budget amounts to Rp1.2 trillion with local revenue of Rp128 billion. Then, the target of hotel and restaurant receipts is Rp1.9 billion.

With the awareness of the entrepreneurs deposit in their obligations so that regional income can be maximized, he added.

Sanctions for entrepreneurs who do not comply with regulations that apply to taxpayers is a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment.

Local government does not expect sanctions and threats occur for participants taxpayers. It can certainly be avoided by obeying the rules that have been set, he said.

Meanwhile, the daily executive of Tanah Datar District, Ali Nurudin said the tax is a mandatory contribution to the region that is owed by individual or a coercive body based on the Law for regional purposes for the greatest advancement of people.

However, taxpayers should feel unencumbered by having recorded, documented transactions and set aside their taxes first.

The entrepreneurs should have a neat record, so when there is a tax problem it can show the existing financial management, he said.

Ali urged employers to report honestly the amount of tax to be paid later.

Local governments levy taxes covering hotel, restaurant taxes, entertainment taxes, billboards, street lighting, non-metallic or rock minerals, parking, ground water, earth or buildings and land. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika

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