W Sumatra Tuna Fish Exports Value Reached Rp23.9 Billion

id W Sumatra Tuna Fish Exports Value Reached Rp23.9 Billion

Fresh Tuna. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - The value of West Sumatra tuna fish exports recorded at Budius Padang Ocean Fishing Port (PPS) reached Rp23.9 billion during January to August 2017.

Head of Samudera Harbor Fishing Operations (PPS) Bungus, Syahruromadhan in Padang, Wednesday (Sept 13) said the figure came from fresh tuna export and processed raw material tuna.

"Especially for exports, we are sending fresh tuna, while for tuna raw materials there are exported and some are distributed domestically," he said.

He mentioned the export of fresh tuna for the last eight months valued at Rp13.5 billion with a weight of 114,235 kilograms of 2,186 tuna.

According to him, all exported tuna consists of two types, namely yellow fin or tuna madidihang and big eye or large eye tuna.

The highest value occurred in March reached Rp4.2 billion and the lowest was in August which only Rp671 million.

In March, there were nine boats docked to dismantle the tuna with a total weight of 36.3 tons from 772 tuna.

He added that throughout 2017, the average price of fresh tuna per kilogram is Rp118,000 and for the average price of processed tuna worth RP37,000.

Meanwhile, Head of PPS Bungus, Joko Supraptomo said all the tuna that are caught in West Sumatra waters will be exported to Japan.

"The demolition activity from the vessel will be done at night, then at 03.00 a.m. will be packed for further take to the airport to be sent directly to Japan," he said.

Earlier, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti said fish stocks in Indonesia have increased rapidly at this time so it also needs to be optimally empowered for the benefit of Indonesia people. "The stock of fish has gone up a lot," she added. (cha)

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