Padang Urges People To Be Aware of Seasonal Changes Diseases

id Padang Urges People To Be Aware of Seasonal Changes Diseases

Illustration. Mosquito which cause DBD. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Health Office of Padang, West Sumatra urges people in the area to be aware of various types of diseases caused by seasonal changes (transition).

The types of diseases that can be caused include diarrhea, dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD), influenza and other diseases," Head of Disease Control (P2M), Padang Health Office, Gentina stated in Padang on Wednesday (Sept 13).

In the transition season, she said the body was forced to quickly adjust to season's changes, making it vulnerable to disease attacks.

"That is because the immune system changes along with the changing seasons," she said.

She explained that diarrhea, for example, can occur due to poor lifestyle and dirty environment, especially during the rainy season.

"So the behavior of clean and healthy life (PHBS) is very important to be applied in order to prevent incidence of various diseases," she said.

Dengue disease, she said, one of diseases which can occur due to puddles after the rain so that the community is expected to immediately clean the places that have potential to grow mosquito breeding location.

"Especially the aedes aegypti mosquito that causes dengue disease," she said.

Therefore, keeping the environment clean is one way to prevent the onset of various diseases caused by seasonal changes, she said.

In addition, behavioral factors are also decisive for health, consuming healthy foods every day will make the body is always fit and protected from disease.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Prof. Ilham Oetama Marsis said the outbreak of DHF is difficult to eradicate, but the opportunity to infect community can be minimized.

The weather is constantly changing from rain to be sunny and vice versa can create puddles in places with no more ground, he said.

"This kind of media is a favorite place for aedes aegypti mosquitoes to breed mosquito larvae, so do not let a puddle of water where the mosquito larva grows," she added. (cha)

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