Talao Pauh tourism object now completed with water fountain

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Talao Pauh tourism object now completed with water fountain

Several visitors are sitting on the gazebo at the tourism object area of Talao Pauh, Pariaman, W Sumatra while enjoying the water fountain. (antara/Aadiat M S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - Tourism object of Talao Pauh in Pariaman City, W Sumatra with theme of water front city, now, was completed with water fountain, so it can add the attractiveness of tourism in the area.

"Water fountain is aid from Politeknik Pelayaran of W Sumatera," said Pariaman Mayor, Genius Umar in Pariaman, on Saturday.

At least at Talao Pauh there are six points of water fountain which is completed with various of type of fish to add the attractiveness of the tourism object.

At this time, his party is asking for help to Bank Nagari to make icon of Talao Pauh and lighting.

According to him with the aid, it proved that the development of Talao Pauh tourism object was conducted together started from the central government, region, and also other parties.

He convey after water fountain, his party will organize traders in the tourism object with built space for selling which is can support the existing of the Talao Pauh tourism object.

Currently in the tourism object has been provided free internet provided by the Office of Communication and Information Pariaman City in collaboration with PT Telkom.

Previously, the Pariaman Mayor, W Sumatra, Genius Umar said the Talao Pauh which is located in Central Pariaman Subdistrict to add the attractiveness of the tourism object.

"Talao Pauh was built by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing whose construction will continue this year," he said in Pariaman.

He said in the Talao will be built the water fountain and other supporting lights to beautify the area of the tourist attraction.

He explained that with the fountain can also improve the degree of acidity or water ph so that it supports the fish into it.

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