Tourist attractions in Pesisir Selatan temporarily closed

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Tourist attractions in Pesisir Selatan temporarily closed

Sejumlah pebalap beradu cepat ketika melintasi kawasan wisata Mandeh saat mengikuti Tour De Singkarak 2019 etape kesembilan di Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat, Minggu (10/11/2019). Pada etape kesembilan yang juga etape terakhir dengan rute Pesisir Selatan-Padang sejauh 107,7 kilometer, Azman Muhammad Zawawi dari Sapura Cycling Team menjadi pebalap tercepat dengan catatan waktu dua jam, 44 menit dan 38 detik disusul Mohd Zarif Muhammad Nur Aiman rekan setimnya dan juara tiga Felipe Marcelo dari tim 7eleven Cliqq Air21 by Roadbike Philippines. ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Arif Pribadi/wsj.

Painan (ANTARA) - Tourist attractions in Pesisir Selatan Regency, W Sumatra have been closed since Monday until an undetermined time in an effort to minimize the spread of the new type of Corona virus or COVID-19.

"Based on the results of the meeting of the task force for the acceleration of handling of COVID-19 Pesisir Selatan, since yesterday all tourist attractions were closed," said the head of the local Public Relations and Protocol Rinaldi in Painan on Monday.

Attractions in the Pesisir Selatan are not only popular for tourists in W Sumatra but also nationally and internationally.

The closure of attractions is carried out for some time to come and will be re-opened after a series of evaluations are carried out.

"With the current situation if a tourist attraction is opened, the community around the tourist attraction and tourism actors are vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure," he added.

Pesisir Selatan is a district in Indonesia that is known for its beautiful marine tourism objects, even at the end of 2017 the Integrated Marine Tourism Area (KWBT) Mandeh in the local area ranked first in the Most Popular Hidden Heaven category at the Pesona Indonesia Award (API) II.

In the Mandeh region there is Sironjong Ketek island, tourists can enjoy interesting and challenging experiences by jumping from a ladder as high as 25 meters into the waters.

Besides Mandeh there is also Carocok Painan Beach, on the beach there are various water rides such as speed boats, banana boats and others.

Then there is Cingkuak Island, on the island there is a Portuguese fort. Until now the remains of the fortress can still be seen and many tourists use it to take pictures.

Not far from Carocok Painan Beach, Langkisau hill is used as a location for national and international paragliding competitions.

At these locations tourists can enjoy the beauty of the western coast of Sumatra's island, the beautiful city of Painan to the vast Indian ocean.

Not only that in Pesisir Selatan there are also attractions Sago Beach, Tan Sridano beach, and other marine tourism objects that are always visited by tourists.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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