Solok needs memorable souvenirs for tourists

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Solok needs memorable souvenirs for tourists

The young generation of Solok City took part in a training on the application of innovation and diversification of resin souvenir technology in Solok, Thursday. (ANTARA / HO)

Solok (ANTARA) - Deputy Mayor of Solok Reinier asked the younger generation to create quality souvenirs so that when tourist visits to Solok they have memorable souvenirs.

"If your souvenirs have good quality, tell us to be marketed to improve the economy of the community," he said in Solok, Thursday.

This activity was facilitated by Information Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of West Sumatra Province with 25 participants with a maximum age of 40 years.

Reinier asked the Regional Apparatus Organization, one of them the Office of Cooperatives, Trade and SMEs to provide a place for marketing souvenirs that have been made.

He explained that this training was a commitment of the regional government in improving the community's economy.

"Hopefully with this four-time meeting, wisdom can get the knowledge and will be utilized in the future," he said.

Previously, Head of Balitbang of West Sumatra Province Reti Wafda said, this activity was a way the government to bridge what had been born by universities, by conducting dissemination to the public.

"I hope the community can increase income from these skills," he said.

Reti hopes that what has been trained will be able to develop in the community and can continue going forward.

"After this training, we will coordinate with related agencies so that this activity can continue later. This training is an opportunity to fulfil the needs of souvenirs that must be maximized by the younger generation," he said.

He explained that maybe a lot of people had seen objects made from resin, but never knew what is resin . Resins divided of two types, natural and chemical resins.

Natural resin in the form of sap from various kinds of trees, especially conifer tree. Now it is more difficult to get natural resins, especially for large scale production, and then appear chemical resins that can be made as needed.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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