Many participants of TdS "fall" because fatigue, in Stage VII leaving only 75 racers

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Many participants of TdS "fall" because fatigue, in Stage VII leaving only 75 racers

The best Indonesian racer Tour de Singkarak 2019, Agung Sahbana. (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) -

Tour de Singkarak 2019 left only 75 participants on stage VII Kayu Aro-Dermaga Danau on Friday.

The number was reduced quite drastic from the 108 participants who participated at the start of the TdS Stage I on November 2, 2019.

Finally on stage VI, from 84 participants, one participant cancelled to participate in the race. While eight racers finally "gave up" in the middle of the race and did not continue to finish. They then could not participate in Stage VII.

Chances are, the number of drivers who "fell" on stage VI was due to fatigue. Since Stage IV, they have to drain energy to beat the super long track, exceeding 200 kilometers.

Indonesian racer who holds the red and white jersey Agung Sahbana after finish in stage VI said the process of recovering the stamina of the racer was somewhat constrained because he had to follow consecutive long stages.

He said, the long stage can be interspersed with a medium or short stage so that it is not too draining and the recovery process is going well.

Tour de Singkarak still has one more super long stage, Stage VIII as far as 212.9 kilometers followed by Stage IX along 107.7 kilometers.

The rest of the Tour de Singkarak stage is a new track that has never been crossed on the previous year's TDS.

The path passes through Kerinci Regency and Sungai Penuh City of Jambi which offers incredible views of green tea plantations.

Then the path passes through the Mandeh Tourist Area which has view of the sea and charming small island cluster. (*)

Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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