Traditional and Religious leaders give response regarding the Ombilin mine as a world heritage

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Traditional and Religious leaders give response regarding the Ombilin mine as a world heritage

Officers crossed in front of the Bukit Asam office, which is a cultural heritage building, in the city of Sawahlunto, W Sumatra, on Wednesday July 10. The revitalization plan of PT Bukit Asam's office building assets to become an international standard hotel continues even though it is located within the area designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, with the requirement to maintain the outside of the building. ANTARA PHOTOS / Iggoy el Fitra / WSJ.

Sawahlunto (ANTARA) - Indigenous and religious leaders in the city of Sawahlunto, W Sumatra, expressed support from the side of custom and religion to the local government in response to the establishment of Ombilin coal mines as a UNESCO cultural heritage.

The head of LKAAM Sawahlunto, Adi Muaris Khatib Kayo at Sawahlunto, on Saturday, said custom and culture must be more guarded and preserved, because of its rich history and culture UNESCO awarded the City as a world cultural heritage.

"UNESCO only recognizes our culture, visitors who come later, besides seeing the destination, they are also curious about the history and culture of Sawahlunto. Therefore, we must not be alone here who are ignorant, who abandon our culture, "he said.

Regarding the culture that is maintained in the midst of hectic tourism, Adi then exemplifies how the people in Bali who can still commit to maintaining and preserving their culture.

"We can imitate the Balinese people about maintaining this culture. "In Bali, if tourism is very great, but what makes us amazed, the indigenous culture of the community there is still beautiful and maintained," he said.

This things will be applied at Sawahlunto so that tourism visits will increase, but the community must be prepared to commit to safeguarding and preserving a very rich and unique local culture.

Adi Muaris stated that all elements must be ready to support the UNESCO's world cultural heritage at Sawahlunto, so he also asked the City Government to always coordinate with traditional and religious stakeholders.

"Certainly those who formulate until executing policies, whether they are programs or physical development, are the City Government. While we are ready to assist in giving consideration and direction according to custom, religion and culture, "said Adi Muaris.

The same thing was also voiced by the Chairman of MUI Sawahlunto, H. Darmuis.

He said, the status of the ombilin mine as a world heritage must be used for the good things carried along the world heritage, but of course must be prepared to filter if there are things that are not good and not in accordance with the religious and customary norms prevailing at Sawahlunto.

While welcoming the increase in tourist visits as a direct impact of the status of the world heritage, he reminded that in welcoming guests, according to Islamic guidelines in welcoming guests, the community was invited to respect each other.

"Those tourists are our guests. In religion we have been taught how friendly and respectful to welcome guests. While still in fairness and they also respect, respect us, of course we are also obliged to give respect and appreciation, "Darmuis asked.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sawahlunto Deri Asta expressed his gratitude for the support of the adat and religious stakeholders for Sawahlunto's world heritage UNESCO.

"According to our flagship program, religious and cultural customs are included in the priority.Then of course we always hold hands, establish communication - continuing coordination with traditional and religious stakeholders," said Deri . (*)

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