Cooperatives To Become Economic Axis: Legislator

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Cooperatives To Become Economic Axis: Legislator

Hendra Irwan Rahim. (Antara)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Chief of West Sumatra Legislative Assembly, Hendra Irwan Rahim expects the cooperatives to become an economic axis to improve the welfare of people in the area.

"Cooperative is an institution that can do economic cooperation both nationally and internationally, if it can be utilized properly it will have a great impact for community," he said after the inauguration of the Regional Cooperative Council of Indonesia (Dekopin) of Padang in Padang. Monday.

He said, there are 729 cooperatives which registered. Of all the cooperatives in the area, there is cooperative that had not been running optimally and there is also a good potential.

For example, a cooperative in PT Semen Padang at the end of 2017 succeeded in recording a Business Result (SHU) of Rp9.3 billion. In addition there is also a cooperative in the area of Raya Market which recorded SHU of Rp6 billion.

"It certainly must spur all existing cooperatives to be serious in running a business so that it will achieve mutual benefits," he said.

He assessed various ways to advance the cooperative, one of them is the provision of materials and continuous education to cooperatives that have not been optimal.

"The role of Dekopin of Padang relates to spur the existing cooperatives to move forward the business through strategic programs in the management of cooperatives," he added. (cha)

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