376 W Sumatra Cooperatives Have Rp2 Billion Assets

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376 W Sumatra Cooperatives Have Rp2 Billion Assets

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Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Office of Cooperatives of Small and Medium Enterprises of West Sumatra Province recorded each 376 cooperatives that develop savings, loans and real sector already has more than Rp2 billion assets until the end of 2017, thus showing a pretty good development.

"The number of active cooperatives in West Sumatra is about 4,000 units, while those with asset value above Rp2 billion are 376 units," Head of Cooperative and MSME Office of West Sumatra, Zirma Yusri through Head of Cooperative and MSME Unit Dony Ubani explained.

It specifies the areas with the highest number of cooperatives with assets above Rp2 billion, including Padang 107 units, Agam 34 units, Tanah Datar 32 units, Limapuluh Kota, South Pesisir, and Bukittinggi respectively 24 units.

Then look at the business field of 4,000 active cooperatives, there are 2,817 cooperative moves in the field of savings and loans, the rest move in the real sector.

The condition can help people in finding capital to develop businesses so as to improve the economy, he remarked.

"Instead of borrowing to the parties who are applying high interest, it is better to borrow to cooperatives," he noted.

He advised the community to borrow to cooperative, because it presents to provide ease of lending process and loan interest to its members.

But to develop cooperatives in the area, it required training so that the knowledge management of cooperatives be better and financial statements organized.

There are a number of materials delivered related to cooperatives to the board and journalists on the training which took place on April 4 to 7, 2018.

Starting from the legislation about cooperatives, policies about cooperatives, the establishment of cooperatives, reading the balance of cooperatives, cooperative organizations, capital and income cooperatives. (cha)

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