Tourism recovery in West Sumatra faster than scenario

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Tourism recovery in West Sumatra faster than scenario

Head of the West Sumatra Tourism Office, Novrial accompanied Governor Irwan Prayitno. (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - Recovery of W Sumatra tourism in a new normal era is faster than the scenario of the Maritime and Investment Coordinating Ministry which estimates the new tourism movement will begin in June-July 2020.

"It is estimated that from June to July the movement of tourists is still in the city, so the scenario of the ministry is tourism in city. But in W Sumatra the stages jump," said Head of the W Sumatra Tourism Office, Novrial in Padang, Monday.

He said that currently W Sumatra tourism has moved in phase four, namely the movement of domestic tourists from Jakarta and even from abroad.

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Some tourists from Jakarta have started to enjoy the natural beauty of W Sumatra. Some surfers from abroad have also come to test the adrenaline in the Mentawai waves.

Novrial said, should be based on a scenario made, in phase II (July-August) the movement of tourists only at the stage of staying outside the city in the province.

Then in stage III, August-September 2020 there will be a movement of tourists between the nearest provinces. If it is in West Sumatra, it can be from Pekanbaru, Jambi or Bengkulu.

The movement of domestic tourists from Jakarta or foreign tourists is expected occured in November-December 2020 to adjust to the transition of Eid holiday leave.

"This progress is extraordinary, but we must be also extra vigilant to provide security and comfort for tourists," he said.

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One of the facilities provided by the West Sumatra Provincial Government to provide a sense of security and comfort is a free swab test for tourism businesses and tourists.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA),W Sumatra chapter, Soejoko said the swab test for employees at 23 star-rated hotels in the province had begun to be carried out in stages.

"Yesterday, 350 employees from eight hotels take the swab test. Furthermore, they will be tested again for employees at 15 other hotels," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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