Tourist attractions in Pariaman provide free internet

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Tourist attractions  in Pariaman provide free internet

A number of visitors without wearing masks were at Gandoriah Pariaman Beach, W Sumatra, Saturday (6/20/2020). Pariaman City Government limits visitors who come to the beach by imposing an entrance ticket of Rp 5,000 per person starting at 09:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M. so that it is easy to record the number of people, so it does not create a crowd in the new normal times. ANTARA / Iggoy el Fitra / aww.

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The Government of Pariaman city, W Sumatra provides free internet at a number of points in tourist objects to support smart cities and increase tourism traction.

"This year we are installing free internet in a number of attractions and will continue to a number of educational facilities in Pariaman city" Mayor Pariaman Genius Umar said in Pariaman on Monday.

With the free internet through a wifi network, besides supporting Pariaman city as a tourist destination supported by internet facilities, it also makes it easier for citizens to easily get positive information.

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He mentioned the location of the wifi installations are in the tourist area of Talao Pauh, Muaro Park, Gandoriah Beach, and the main performance area of Gandoriah Beach.

Next, the Anas Malik Park, the Tugu Asean Youth Park, Pantai Cermin, Kata Beach and Los Lambuang Kuraitaji which are the culinary centers of Pariaman city.

However, even though it provides free internet at a number of these points, the COVID-19 health protocol will still be implemented in that location to adjust the new normal application.

He hopes that the free internet can promote tourism and culinary attractions in Pariaman city.

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He asked residents and tourists in the area to use the internet positively and wisely and not to spread false news.

Head of the Pariaman city Communication and Information Office Hendri said residents and tourists who own a device and enter the wifi range provided by the Pariaman Government will immediately be connected to the internet.

"Every visitor can immediately share their photos and videos to social media by utilizing the wifi that we provide," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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