Hotel employees who free of COVID-19 will encourage W Sumatra tourism rise faster :Governor

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Hotel employees who free of COVID-19 will encourage W Sumatra tourism rise faster :Governor

COVID-19 swab test activity at a hotel. (ANTARA / Special).

Padang (ANTARA) - W Sumatra Governor, Irwan prayitno said hotel managers who can ensure all employees are free of COVID-19 and running health protocols in providing services were one of the important factors to attract tourists came in the new normal era to the area.

"Tourists will feel safe and comfortable if they know that all employees are free of COVID-19. This should be one of the priorities," he said while reviewing a free swab test for hotel employees in Padang on Monday.

He added that in the new normal era there were no restrictions for tourists to come to W Sumatra, so the tourism sector was expected to be able to rise again.

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The sector has a long effect. The rise of the tourism sector will attract various supporting sectors such as lodging, culinary, souvenir shops to MSMEs.

Various sectors can provide income for thousands of people involved in it so that it became one of the focuses to be recovered as soon as possible.

He said support from hospitality that ensured its employees were free of COVID-19 could push that faster.

The head of the W Sumatra Tourism Office, Novrial, said the swab test for hotel employees was facilitated by the W Sumatra Provincial Government through the local Health Office.

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Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Indonesia Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) of the W Sumatra chapter, Soejoko said today there were 350 employees from eight starred hotels in the province who had free swab tests to ensure services in the sector were free of COVID-19 in the new normal era.

"Gradually in these three days will be followed by 22 starred hotels in W Sumatra," he said.

He made sure all hotels were free of COVID-19 and could provide maximum service to tourists.

Transleted by Mutiara Ramadhani

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