Padang Panjang Mayor plans to provide creatif space in city park

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Padang Panjang Mayor plans to provide creatif space in city park

The Government of Padang Panjang city observed the condition of Taman Mini to provide mini amphitheater at that location. (Documentation from Department of Communication and Informatics , Padang Panjang)

Padang Panjang (ANTARA) - Mayor of Padang Panjang City, W Sumatra, Fadly Amran planned to provide creatif space in the city park area that can use by young generation to fill their free time with positive activities.

"The plan is in the form of a mini amphitheater. Later young people can do activities there such as to show the ability to sing, band, theater or other," he said in Padang Panjang on Monday.

The city park planned will be equipped with a mini amphitheater, that is Taman Mini which is located in front of the local Koramil (Military Headquarters at the ward) office.

Taman Mini is located in a strategic location on Jalan Sudirman, close to the crowd and Padang Panjang Culinary Market.

The mayor along with the Head of the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office, Welda Yusar and the Head of Department of Tourism, Youth and Sport, Maiharman checked the condition of the facility as a first step towards realizing the plan.

"Actually, here we see that there are activities that young people do. Now we want to try to facilitate more supportive means," he said.

Creative space is expected to optimize the function of city parks as green open spaces, namely aesthetic functions, ecological functions and social functions.

"We will negotiate this plan first, hopefully it can be realized and managed together for a forum for young people with positive activities and entertainment for the community," he said.

Transletedby: Mutiara Ramadhani

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