Pantai Pohon Seribu Sasak provides new facilities

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Pantai Pohon Seribu Sasak provides new facilities

Objek wisata Pohon Seribu Sasak Kabupaten Pasaman Barat, Sumatera Barat (Sumbar) menjadi destinasi wisata di daerah itu dan berlahan sarana prasarananya mulai dibangun. (ANTARA/Altas Maulana)

Simpang Empat (ANTARA) - Tourism Agency of West Pasaman Regency, W Sumatra, in 2020 built a tourist infrastructure in the beach of Pantai Seribu Sasak which is currently quite crowded with people.

"The attraction of the Pohon Seribu Sasak is now became a destination for local tourists. We have to prepare infrastructure facilities," said Secretary of the West Pasaman Tourism Office, Devi Irawan at Simpang Empat, Friday.

According to him, completeness that will be built during 2020 includes parking lots, changing rooms and footpaths on the Pohon Seribu Sasak areas.

In addition, places of worship, parks, information boards, viewing towers, gazebos and other facilities will be built.

"We will do the development in stages as an effort to fulfill the completeness of the existing tourist facilities," he said.

He explained that the Pohon Seribu Sasak became the location for tour in West Pasaman at this time because it is always crowded with mahogany trees on a beautiful beach.

"In this location, you can also enjoy culinary tourism with its characteristic Sabo curry," he explained.

In addition the Pohon Seribu tourism, there are a number of tourist destinations which are also of concern and are gradually being developed.

Among them Pantai Air Bangis. This beach is located in Sungai Beremas Subdistrict which is about 70 kilometers from the capital city of West Pasaman, Simpang Empat.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of its beaches, this location also offers a women's craft center in the form of gold thread embroidery and salted fish processing.

Then Pantai Sasak is located in Sasak Ranah Pasisia Subdistrict which is about 20 kilometers from Simpang Empat. This beach is always densely visited by the public every holiday.

The attraction of Religious Lubuak Landua. This location is located in Pasaman District, which is about 15 kilometers from Simpang Empat. In this location, aside from religious tourism, people can also enjoy bathing in the river and seeing prohibited fish.

Other destinations are Pulau Panjang and Pulau Pigago. This location is in Sungai Beremas District. In these two locations have beautiful beaches and are always crowded with people.

"Other attractions are Sampuran Botung, Lubang Jepang Talu, Rumah Gadang Tuanku Bosa Talu, Pantai Sikabau and Pantai Muaro Binguang," he said.

Transletedby: Mutiara Ramadhani

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