Nagari 1000 Ngalau more famous after it was developed by tourism awareness group

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Nagari 1000 Ngalau more famous after it was developed by tourism awareness group

Visible visitors to one of the Ngalau tourism objects in Nagari Sisawah Sumpur Kudus are interesting to visit. (Ist)

Muaro (ANTARA) - Young man at Nagari 1000 Ngalau has formed a Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) to support the development of regional tourism potential.

The community formation took place in the local Mayor's Office Meeting Room, on Saturday night. The formation of the Pokdarwis is to create a conducive climate for the development of tourism at Sijunjung Regency, along with the official status as a National Geopark area.

That is precisely why there arose a sense of love for nature from the young Nagari Sisawah so that Pokdarwis was formed.

Nagari Sisawah is a Nagari located at Sumpur Kudus District, Sijunjung Regency, W Sumatra. This Nagari, known as Nagari 1000 Ngalau, is believed to be "sparkling" after it was developed by a tourism conscious group.

The nickname 1000 Ngalau deserves to be given, because of the many Ngalau (Cave) at Nagari Sisawah. One of the Ngalau frequented by tourists is Ngalau Antabuang.

Ngalau in there is very interesting and still sustainable, besides that the river structure is perfect for rafting.

Plus the natural conditions at Nagari Sisawah are still sustainable, so the area is cool and pleasant for tourists.

In addition to tourist attractions, the advantages at Nagari 1000 Ngalau are the character of the people who still maintain hospitality.

This is one of the main requirements for the development of tourism in the area.

Then, Sisawah also has a hereditary tradition that loses to be missed. Because in the midst of rapid technological developments, Sisawah is still able to maintain the purity of the traditional culture and traditions of the Minangkabau inheritance from generation to generation by adhering to the philosophy of " Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah,".

One that is now still maintained by the community at Nagari Sisawah tradition down to the Batang Sumpur River. This is not just a bath together, but together panning for gold.

The Chairperson of Pokdarwis Nagari Sisawah Nora Maulana said that the presence of Pokdarwis at Nagari Sisawah is expected to be able to advance and develop tourist destinations based on religion and culture.

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