Sijunjung successfully won a number of achievements in the livestockexpo 2019

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The Livestock Expo Sijunjung team showed the appreciation. (Ist)

Muaro (ANTARA) - A number of achievements have been won by Sijunjung Regency at the Livestock Expo and 2019 cattle contest in Padang City on June 26-28 yesterday.

For the livestock contest, Sijunjung won three champions, namely the first winner in the male Bali Cow category, the second winner in the Bali Cow Female category and the third winner in the female Simental Cow category.

Head of the Sijunjung Regency Agriculture Service, Ir. Ronaldi, said that besides the achievement, Sijunjung Regency also won the livestock expo and livestock contest.

Among them, first winner in skilled teaser, first winner in women's group gymnastics competition, first female solo champion, first winner in cooking competition, second winner in men's solo song competition, second winner in Kurung Basiba shirt, second winner in men's gymnastics champion, and third winner in smart agile competition.

Not only that, a number of achievements and other winners were also won by representatives of Sijunjung Regency, namely the first winner of the eel race, the first winner of the input pen, the first winner of the tug of war, the third champion in the long pump and the second winner of the exhibition stand competition.

"Thank God, Sijunjung won a number of champions in the Livestock Expo and a contest in Padang City," said the Head of the Sijunjung Regency Agriculture Service, Ir. Ronaldo told the media on Monday, July 1, 2019 through Whatshapp.

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Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019

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