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Solok (ANTARA) - The Solok Regency, West Sumatra has unique culinary delights that can spoil tourists' tastes during the Eid holiday.

The head of the Solok Regency Tourism and Culture Office, Nasripulomika inrosuka, on Friday, said there were at least 10 culinary musts to be tasted if tourists visited the area to fill the Eid holiday.

"10 of these culinary include palai or pepes bilih Singkarak in the area of Lake Singkarak, gulai ayam hitam in Nagari Sulik Aie, pangek Sasau in the direction of Ombilin and Nagari Paninggahan, Ampiang Dadiah or fermented buffalo milk snacks," he said.

In addition there are kalio baluik tapak leman, galamai karucuik, samba lado masiek patai cino, banana panyiaram, randang pangicuah, samba lado cangkuak karupuak jangek.

Kalio baluik tapak leman is a thick eel curry mixed with tapak leman leave . While the samba lado masiek patai cino is a dry fried sambal with petai.

Then there are gelamai karucuik typical of Solok, banana panyiaram, rendang pangicuah, and sambal lado cangkuak with skin crackers or jangek which are found in almost all areas of Solok Regency.

The cuisine is served in several restaurants along Solok. Like Palai Bilih Singkarak and Pangek Sasau which are served in several restaurants to Singkarak or Ombilin as the main food menu.

If you are traveling through the Guguak and Talang Nagari on the hall or market day, tourists can also try the katupek langkok which contains ketupat with a curry sauce mixed with peanut sauce and satay in one plate.

Solok Regency as a producer of Solok rice also sells the best Solok rice as souvenirs along hellers and stores on the Lintas Solok road.

He mentioned that some restaurants provide special Solok menus as a mainstay menu that must be tried by visitors and tourists who come to the area. ***

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Intersnhip Student of ANTARA 2019

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