Pariaman Encourages Family Hope Program Recipients To Open Independent Business

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Pariaman Mayor Mukhlis Rahman provides direction related to the socialization of Family Hope Program 2018. (Antara Sumbar / Muhammad Zulfikar /)

Pariaman, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Pariaman Municipality, West Sumatra encourages the recipient of Family Hope Program (PKH) from Ministry of Social to open the field of business independently.

"The main goal of central government in channeling aid is reducing the poverty rate, but community is also expected to open various businesses in orderto do not continue to depend on PKH," Pariaman Mayor, Mukhlis Rahman stated in here, on Monday after conducting PKH 2018 socialization.

For example, he said, PKH recipient community can open a snack business or make handicrafts so that it can reduce the poverty rate.

He said every beneficiary's family is expected to do not always rely on the help given periodically by government.

Some time ago, Ministry of Social Affairs gave awards to five beneficiary families in Bengkulu for successfully opening a business independently, he noted.

"The award given by ministry is an example and evidence that beneficiary families can be independent in opening up business fields," he remarked.

Particularly, there are 2,500 Pariaman beneficiary families registered as PKH participants in 2018. It hopes that at least 10 people can open independent business so that they do not continue to rely on assistance anymore.

"The ultimate objective of PKH is alleviating poverty, if there are people who can be independent in opening a new business then it needs to be emulated," he added. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika