South Pesisir Cultivation Group Developed Biofloc

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Biofloc Ar-Razzaaq Cultivation. (Antara Sumbar / Didi Someldi Putra)

Painan, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Biofloc Ar-Razzaaq Farming Group based in Koto Panai Air Haji, Linggo Sari Baganti Sub-district, South Pesisir District, West Sumatra, developed a biofloc system in suppressing the production cost of freshwater fish cultivation such as catfish, nila and betok.

"The cultivation of freshwater fish by using biofloc has been done since mid-2015, in addition to save the feed, cultivation with this system does not require much space," Chairman of Biofloc Ar-Razzaaq Farming Group, Wedi Radian Dasril stated in Painan, Sunday.

He explained to produce some catfish weighing one kilogram, especially in conventional ponds required 1.2 kilograms of pellets, but in the pond of biofloc, it only required 0.8 kilogram of pellets.

Besides, the conventional pond that contains one cubic water can only hold 100 catfish, while in pond of biofloc with the same water it can accommodate one to two thousand catfish.

In addition, he added, after the catfish from biofloc pond harvest, it can also be used as fertilizer and it is profitable for the farmers.

In fact, biofloc pond water does not smell like conventional ponds in general, so the fish produced is not fishy and more tasty. Moreover, it does not disturb the surrounding community.

Currently, Biofloc Ar-Razzaaq Farming Cultivation Group has 18 biofloc ponds, 10 are used for catfish cultivation, five for tilapia and three for bats. This group produces one to two tons of fish from the three types of fish per month.

In addition to fulfill the market needs in the area, the group also makes various types of preparations such as smoke catfish, catfish abon and others. (cha)

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