Mentawai Gov't Proposed Trans Mentawai to be National Street

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Illustration. Trans Mentawai. (Antara)

Mentawai, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Mentawai Islands District, West Sumatra proposed 316.20 kilometer of Trans Mentawai to get national road status.

"We have written such letter to provincial government that propose Trans Mentawai can be upgraded to national road to the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing, and become the ministry's work program," Mentawai Islands Regent, Judas Sabaggalet stated in Tuapejat on Wednesday.

He explained that the proposed of 316.20 kilometer of Mentawai transit road is located on Siberut Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island.

The road segments specified in Trans Mentawai development program have been through technical studies based on existing area potential.

In addition to the limited financial capacity of Mentawai, the proposal could also spur acceleration of Trans Mentawai development, which is currently only 23 percent progress from 393.20 kilometers.

"The construction of Trans Mentawai road requires a considerable cost of around Rp4.2 trillion," he said.

Besides, the objective of Mentawai trans program is increasing and opening access between regions, centers and reduce high cost economy in the field of sea transportation.

"It also triggers economic growth centers in the areas of tourism, fisheries, agriculture, mining and others in each of the main islands of Mentawai," he pointed out.

He added that in order to accelerate the development of Trans Mentawai, it proposes some Trans Mentawai roads are built through the pattern of TNI's work.

"We have submitted the proposal in writing to Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing, including details of several roads budgeting," he added. (cha)

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