West Sumatra build disaster relief post on Pagang Island

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West Sumatra build disaster relief post on Pagang Island

Pagang Island (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Government of W Sumatra Provincial established a disaster management post on Pagang Island, Pesisir Selatan Regency to anticipate potential disasters on the islands which functioned as tourist attractions in the area.

"Island tourism is increasingly developing in W Sumatra, but there is also the potential for disaster. Therefore we set up disaster relief post on one of the islands so that we can respond immediately if there is a disaster," said W Sumatra Regional Disaster Relief Agency (BPBD) Chief Executive Officer, Erman Rahman in Padang, Thursday.

Pagang Island has several requirements which are considered sufficient as a center for disaster management, starting from the availability of clean water to the land which is enough for evacuation.

In addition, the water police have also set up a post at the location so that disaster management can be coordinated.

A number of islands around Pagang Island such as Sirandah, Sikuai and several other places including Swarna Dwipa and Pamutusan are the island's tourist centers in W Sumatra.

Thousands of tourists come to several tourist spots of the island every month. That number increased during the Eid holidays to reach thousands of people per week.

Previously there was no disaster management post around the location so the rescue team came from Padang when disaster occured.

"Now with a command post here, we alert personnel and ships to be able to quickly respond of a disaster," said Erman.

The manager of Pagang Island, Heru, said that his side highly appreciated the establishment of the post because it could provide a sense of security and comfort for visitors.

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