The importance of constructing two-lane roads in Mandeh

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The importance of constructing two-lane roads in Mandeh

W Sumatra Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Miko Elfisha)

Painan (ANTARA) - Deputy Governor of W Sumatra, Nasrul Abit stressed that the construction of a two-lane road at the gate of the Mandeh Tourism Area in Bungus Teluk Kabung must be carried out, therefore land acquisition must be accelerated.

"Right, the road is very important. We have got the budget from the Maritime Coordinating Ministry, "he said in Padang, on Thursday.

According to him the W Sumatra Regional Revenue Budget (APBD) is very limited for the construction of the road, therefore the local government must struggle to get assistance from the center.

Therefore, with the central funds available, regional governments must be able to use them well.

"I have already contacted the exemption team, including the National Land Agency (BPN) so that the exemption can proceed quickly," he said.

BPN and the appraisal team will go down next week to complete the land acquisition. So that physical work can begin.

Previously the plan to construct the Mandeh gate in Bungus Teluk Kabung was blocked, even though the contract had been signed. Under the contract, it should have been started in early August 2019.

Meanwhile the Head of W Sumatra National Road Implementation Unit (PJN) through PPK 2.3 Noor Arias Syamsu as the organizer of the activity admitted that the contractor who carried out the activity was blocked by residents of the land owner. The reason of the residents, there has been no attempt to acquire land from the government.

"The contractor should have been able to work in early August, when I told them to work they were blocked," he said.

With these conditions, Arias had doubts about the progress of activities at the end of the fiscal year, because with limited time, not all work items could be carried out.

"August should have started, if it is still shifting then there will be some work that cannot be carried out, such as asphalting or sidewalks and the street lights are not carried out," he said.

He revealed, the government through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs disbursed a budget of Rp 7.9 billion to fix the road to the Mandeh Tourism area. That money is used to restore roads in one hundred percent stable condition.

Work with the budget is among the construction of Box Culvert type bridges larger than the previous size, which is the size of 2x2x2 meters. The goal is that the water flow is not obstructed and prevent the water from eroding the bottom of the road. The bridge is worth Rp700 million.

In addition there is also work on strengthening the cliff by installing cliff wall stones.

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