FPM is the momentum explores Mentawai's cultural identity

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FPM is the momentum explores Mentawai's cultural identity

Preparation activities for Festival Pesona Mentawai at Mapaddegat tourism object, Sipora Utara District, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. (Ist)

Tua Pejat (ANTARA) - Deputy Regent of Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra, Kortanius Sabeleake assessed that the moment of Festival Pesona Mentawai (FPM) in 2019 was a momentum to further explore the regional cultural identity.

The momentum is an opportunity to innovate, so that the Mentawai that is known is not always identical to Sikerei but is a place to showcase innovation in the culinary, cultural fields, so as to generate income for the community.

"The Mentawaian are exploring their own identity to be displayed on the next Mentawai charm, with this momentum new innovations appear, this is also a place to showcase Mentawai culture, culinary, this is also a business arena, people can also take advantage of opportunities such as lodging accommodations, transportation such as taxibike "marketing agricultural products," Korta said while reviewing the festival preparations in the Mapaddegat Tourism Area, Sipora Utara, on Wednesday.

Korta said that it was not agreed that Mentawai was in a zone prone to disasters so it was not safe to travel.

"Mentawai is safe, many people say Mentawai is an earthquake issue, there is no effect, our place is safe because tourist destinations have access to evacuation that we have prepared," he said.

See the surfer's ships coming to Mentawai, only those of us who are anxious about the earthquake and tsunami have no guarantee.

"We hope that disaster-prone issues will not interfere with the activities of building Mentawai," Korta said.

The festival's moment the Vice Regent hopes to capture the momentum or opportunity to move the economy.

Head of the Mentawai Disparpora Joni Anwar added that activities in the tourist area of Mapaddegat in the future are always exist.

"So not only the momentum of FPM here crowded but so on this place there will continue to be activities such as attractions filled by OPD, and other communities. We have provided a place and every month there are activities here so that there is continuity, "said Joni Anwar at the Mapaddegat Tourism site.

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019

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