Mentawai Rokot Airport To Cost Rp300 Billion

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Mentawai Rokot Airport To Cost Rp300 Billion

Edi Sukarni. (Antara)

Mentawai, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The completion of Rokot airport development in Sipora Island, Mentawai Islands District, West Sumatra is predicted to cost Rp300 billion, Head of local Transportation Agency, Edi Sukarni stated in Tuapejat, on Tuesday.

He said that the budget is mostly intended for runway changes and other supporting facilities because there are also changes in shape, length and width.

He revealed, if the entire process runs well, the airport will be effective to be used in 2021.

Furthermore, he added, gradually in 2019 it will begin land clearing, then in 2020 the beginning of development stage and there is a completion of development in 2012.

Edi said that in the expansion of airport, the institute conducted intensive coordination with related ministry, so that the administrative and legal procedures are going well, including land acquisition as a serious concern.

He said one of the aims of Rokot airport expansion is having a wide-bodied aircraft capable of landing at the airport. Especially before there are some airlines that want to open the route to the area.

In general, the airport runway was built in 1980, currently only 900 meters long and 23 meters wide, so it is not able to accommodate aircraft with large size.

The expansion of the airport is planned to add a runway length of up to 1,600 meters and 30 meters wide, as well as complete public facilities at the airport, from flight facilities to passenger facilities. (cha)