TMSBK provides animals and new facilities for tourism and education visitors

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TMSBK provides animals and new facilities for tourism and education visitors

Animal identification boards use AR technology that will be applied in TMSBK Bukittinggi. (Antara / Ira Febrianti)

Bukittinggi (ANTARA) - Wildlife and Culture Park of Kinantan (TMBSK) Bukittinggi City, West Sumatera provides new facilities to support the tourism activities and education of the community in conservation institutions.

Head of the field of TMSBK, Ikbal in Bukittinggi, on Friday, said the new animals and facilities provided aims to carry out the rules of conservation, educate and as a means of recreation for the community.

The new animal is a pair of Tibetan golden pheasants, a pair of Tibetan Lady Pheasant, two pairs of yellow-ringneck parakeet from Brazil, a pair of red-fronted Conure from Macao and three white peacock-tails from India.

The white Peacock has inhabit the TMSBK since 24 November 2019, while other bird species arrive at TMSBK in early December 2019.

The thirteen bird animals have been placed in small enclosures within the TMSBK area to adapt before being transferred to the wider-size aviary enclosure that is currently also under construction.

In aviary enclosure currently under construction there are facilities such as animal quarantine room, breeding room, animal training room and others.

"Some birds are trained to be able to interact with humans as they stand on the arms or shoulders of humans," he said.

He explained that Aviary cage gradually began to be used in January of 2020 but has not been fully visited because it is necessary to form a cage according to the habitat of birds and animals need adaptation first.

While the new facilities for education provided is the animal Identification board using "augmented reality" technology (AR).

"With that technology, the introduction of animals is done digitally. Currently it is applied in the animal cage of Tiger, King Peacock Pheasant, Elephant and Malayan tapir, "he said.

Along with the provision of new facilities and animals, it said next there will be adjustment of entrance rates compared to the current rate of Rp 10.000 for children, Rp 15,000 adults and Rp 20,000 foreign tourists.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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