The first woman journalist in Indonesia from Agam Ruhanna Kuddus become a national hero

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The first woman journalist in Indonesia from Agam Ruhanna Kuddus become a national hero

Illustration of Ruhanna Kuddus on Google search (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - Indonesia's first woman journalist from Koto Gadang, Agam Regency, W Sumatra, Ruhanna Kuddus, has been declared a national hero this year, although it had previously failed twice when it was proposed.

"We have received a letter of invitation for the awarding of the title at the State Palace, on Friday Nov 8. The letter has been delivered to the governor and heir, "said the Head of the W Sumatra Social Office, Jumaidi in Padang, on Thursday.

He said the determination of the title of national hero was decided in a meeting between the Title Board, and Honors with President Joko Widodo, on Wednesday Nov 6.

Ruhanna Kuddus was twice proposed by the W Sumatra Provincial Government as a national hero from the province. Last proposed in 2018. Although she has fulfilled the requirements, she has not been fortunate to be designated as a national hero.

Ruhanna Kuddus is a woman journalist in W Sumatra, born in Koto Gadang, Ampekkoto District on December 20, 1884 and passed away in Jakarta on August 17, 1972 at the age of 87 years.

She lived in the same era as Kartini, where women's access to get good education was severely restricted. She is the founder of the first women's newspaper in Indonesia.

When the Dutch increased their pressure and attacks on the natives, Ruhanna even helped the political movement with her writings which ignited the fighting spirit of the youth.

Its work in the journalistic began from the Indian Poetri newspaper in 1908 in Batavia which is considered the first women's newspaper in Indonesia.

She also sparked a pithy idea in smuggling weapons from Kotogadang to Bukittinggi via Ngarai Sianok by hiding it in vegetables and fruits which were then brought to Payakumbuh by train.

Until he passed away, he continued to struggle. Including when migrating to Lubuk Pakam and Medan. She taught and led the Moving Woman newspaper there. Returning to Padang, she became an editor of the Chinese-Malay Radio newspaper in Padang and the newspaper "Cahaya Sumatera".

Translated by:Mutiara Ramadhani

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