Environmentally Friendly Beef Cattle Farm are introduced in Dharmasraya

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Environmentally Friendly Beef Cattle Farm are introduced in Dharmasraya

Transfer of knowledge from the Unand Faculty of Animal Husbandry community service team in Dharmasraya. (ANTARA SUMBAR / ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - As well as being famous for its palm oil production, Dharmasraya Regency is also one of the potential areas for beef cattle development in W Sumatra.

As proof of this, in addition to searching in the palm oil plantations, they also raise beef cattle.

Especially in Nagari Sungai Langkok, Tiumang District which is currently one of the largest warehouses for beef cattle in Dharmasraya and even W Sumatra.

As an illustration in Block A Sitiung II, Jorong Koto Hilalang II, Nagari Sungai Langkok, each family has 2 to 10 cows.

It's just that as a relatively new district of course the transfer of technology used by the community in raising beef cattle is not yet optimal.

Of course it takes the intake of technology and innovation in its management. Especially in processing the potential of beef cattle. So that the impact can improve the economic level of the local community.

Based on this, the Unand Faculty of Animal Husbandry Community Service Team tries to introduce the strengthening of beef cattle management technology on an environmentally friendly basis.

In this case some of the solutions offered are first, utilization of plantation and agro-industrial waste, such as oil palm fronds and palm kernel cake processed as beef cattle feed.

Second, beef cattle waste in the form of cow feces is processed as manure through the organic fertilizer management unit (UPPO) and biogas to produce and meet the energy needs in the form of electricity and gas.

This can reduce operational costs, especially electricity needs and does not depend on PLN. Third, the use of manure and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (CMA) useful in supporting organic farming systems for intensive cultivation of superior grasses, such as King Grass in order to increase the supply of forage feed for beef cattle feed.

In addition, this activity is a model for the community of beef cattle farmers around the area of the Smart Farmers Group and the Brahman Farmers Group in order to be able to achieve its goal of developing an integrated beef cattle breeding area that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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