Dharmasraya Held Pamalayu Festival at the Jakarta National Museum

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Regent of Sutan Riska Tuanku Kerajaan. (ANTARASUMBAR / Ilka Jensen)

Pulau Punjung (ANTARA) - The Government of Dharmasraya Regency, W Sumatra launched a grand cultural agenda of the Pamalayu Festival at the Indonesian National Museum in Jakarta on August 22, 2019.

Regent Dharmasraya, Sutan Riska Tuanku kingdom on Punjung Island, said on Wednesday the launch of the Pamalayu Festival was deliberately made in Jakarta because of the historical evidence of Pamalayu in the museum, namely Archa Bhairawa as high as four meters.

"In addition, the launch of activities in Jakarta will further echo the festival to the entire archipelago," he said.

He claimed the Pamalayu Festival was the biggest cultural agenda in W Sumatra. The activity will be held August 22, 2019 to January 7, 2020.

According to him various activities will be held during this time period, such as exploring the history of Dharmasraya through journalistic competitions, vlogs, photographs, heritag workshops, and trip journalists and cultural seminars.

Furthermore, raising the culture of Dharmasraya to the surface through artifact exhibition activities, historical art and theater performances, children's nagari games and cultural parades, he continued.

He said the entire series of activities would reach its peak on the anniversary of Dharmasraya Regency on January 7, 2020.

The Head of Public Relations of the Dharmasraya Secretariat, Budi Waluyo, added that the official schedule in the Pamalayu Festival activities series was still tentative. The official schedule will be delivered soon.

The Pamalayu Festival prepared by the Dharmasraya Regency Government was held to maintain the existence of ancestral culture in order to stay awake in the community, he said.

In addition, the Pamalayu Festival is also expected to have an impact on the Dharmasraya economy going forward. (*)

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