Tourist admire the beauty of the Mentawai

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Tourist admire the beauty of the Mentawai

Gavin Boehner, a tourist from South Africa, tried the traditional Mentawai crossbow at the 2019 Festival Pesona Mentawai (FPM) arena. (Ist)

Mentawai (ANTARA) - Foreign tourists Gavin Boehner from South Africa and Facundo De Labra from Argentina are amazed by the beauty of Mentawai especially the culture and the very good waves in the Mentawai.

Tourists named Gavin said that it was the first time visiting the Mentawai Islands after knowing the beauty of a colleague who had been to Mentawai.

"I was the first time to Mentawai, the people were very friendly, the waves were very good, then the culture was very unique and that was interesting for me," said Gavin Boehner at the location of FPM Mapaddegat Tourism Area, on Saturday.

Gavin Boehner also said that the Mentawai culture must be maintained. "It is very unique, and I am very interested in Mentawai," said Gavin Boehner, who has been in the Mentawai for several days, even had time to test the traditional Mentawai crossbow in the FPM arena.

Facundo De Labra, from foreign tourists from Argentina, had visited Mentawai for the second time, he had been in the Mentawai for a week playing surfing.

"I have been to Mentawai twice, and Mentawai waves are very good," said Facundo De Labra, during a visit to the FPM location in the Mapaddegat Tourism Area.

Facundo De Labra said that the look of the Mentawai beauty was maintained. "The Mentawai culture must be maintained, also the environment, Mentawai is still natural, the nature is still beautiful," he said.

Many foreign tourists can be seen at the location of FPM in the Tourist Area of Mapaddegat.

There are even those who are curious to try to use the traditional Mentawai (rourou) bow, when the arrow race is over.

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