Three commodities from Tanah Datar are listed as national superior varieties

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Kuriak Kusuik rice which is registered as a national superior variety. (Antara Sumbar / Etri Saputra)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The Government of Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra, registered three types of commodities into national superior varieties, namely Kuriak Rice, Pucuk Panyalaian sweet potatoand Naya Kayu sweet potato to prevent biological extinction.

"We want this variety to remain and be used by farmers because of its superiority so that farmers get benefit," said Head of the Tanah Datar Agriculture Service Yulfiardi in Batusangkar, on Tuesday.

He explained, Kuriak Rice was considered more resistant to blast disease caused by fungi, besides that the taste of rice was preferred by the people and the selling price was higher than other varieties that developed in Tanah Datar.

Then the Jalar Hitam Pucuk Panyalaian sweet potato of Panyalaian are registered as varieties because they have the advantage of a longer shelf life and resistant with drought.

While Naya Cassava sweet potato, which is used for processed food is considered superior because the bulbs are large, and if the tuber is past, the harvest is not too hard.

He admitted, Tanah Datar with the agricultural sector as the main sector has many superior commodities. In addition to these three commodities, there are several commodities that have been registered in advance.

Among them, Bujang Marantau Rice, Raisanda Stringbean, Simanis Carrot, Soka Banana and Geno Chili. While still in the process of Orange, Lime and Red Onion Mersi (Merapi Singgalang).

"So that these superior varieties are not extinct and can be used by farmers so that farmers benefit," he said.

While the Tanah Datar Regent Irdinansyah Tarmizi said that with commodities listed as superior varieties, the local government was ready to continue the next process for conservation, development and utilization.

So that Tanah Datar as a variteas owner can be recognized and applied at the national and even international level.

"If this can be developed properly it will certainly increase farmers 'productivity, both for rice, sweet potato and cassava so that it can increase farmers' income," he said.

Previously, Chief Researcher of the West Sumatra Institute of Agricultural Technology (BPTP) Syahrul Zein accompanied by other BPTP, Hanif Gusniarto and Sumilah had submitted three certificates of Plant Varieties for Kuriak Rice, hitam payalaian Sweet Potato and Naya Cassava.

He said, to protect and prevent biological extinction conservation efforts need to be carried out. One effort was made through the registration of plant varieties at the Center for Plant Variety Protection and Agriculture Licensing of the Ministry of Agriculture with certain requirements. (*)

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Internship Student of ANTARA 2019

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