Pariaman City Government displays the traditional music 'Katumbak' to entertain the tourists

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A woman from Cemara Music Studio from Padang Pariaman Regency, Sumbar plays a harmonium on traditional music katumbak to entertain tourists on Kata Beach, Pariaman City, on Sunday, June 9. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Aadiyat M.S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The Pariaman City Government, West Sumatra presents traditional music 'Katumbak' to entertain tourists who come to Kata Beach during the Idul Fitri holiday 1440 Hijriah

"This is a collaboration between the Pariaman City Tourism and Culture Office and Sanggar Safari and the Cemara Music Studio, " said the leader of the Safari Studio, Khairul Dhara while displaying a performance at Kata Beach on Sunday.

He said the music show was held today and next Sunday which starts from morning to evening.

He conveyed that the purpose of holding the traditional music show was to preserve it so that it would not become extinct because now it has rarely been used by the community.

Although there are no special songs on the show or can use Minangkabau songs, Indonesian and even Indian languages, but the instruments used are rarely used in the area.

The musical instruments are gendang, kecrengan, and old harmonium, which every rhythm makes tourists who take time to stop by to see the show also stomp their feet and heads because of the rhythm produced by musicians.

Even there are tourists who sing along with their favorite songs to add to the vibrant performance of the music.

Khairul said that his studio often appeared in various activities so that it was used to introduce musical instruments from Pariaman city and Padang Pariaman regency to the wider community.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Pariaman City, Alfian, said that during the Eid holiday presents various entertainment to entertain tourists.

By presenting a variety of entertainment, it is expected to increase the number of tourist visits to the area.

It estimates that tourist visits to Kata Beach during the 2019 Eid holiday reach thousands of people every day

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