Residents of Dharmasraya find a statue allegedly inherited from the Kingdom of Aditiyawarman

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Buddha statue found by the community on the Batang Hari River, Nagari Sitiung, on Tuesday, May 28. (ANTARASUMBAR / Ilka Jensen)

Pulau Punjung (ANTARA) - Residents of Pulai Nagari Sitiung, Dharmasraya Regency, West Sumatra, Marzuki found a statue allegedly from the legacy of Adityawarman's kingdom on the Batang Hari River, on Monday, May 27 around 10:00 a.m.

"At the first glance, from the shape, it is strongly suspected that this rare object is inherited from the kingdom of Aditiyawarman," he said on Punjung Island on Tuesday.

He explained that the discovery began when Marzuki was fishing the fish in the Batang Hari Nagari Sitiung River, Sitiung District. The object was caught by the trawl.

The object that is strong in historical value is in the form of a Dragon-shaped Buddha Statue or Dragon Tail Statue with a length of about 75 centimeters and weighing 2.5 kilograms.

"I also believe that a statue with half a human body and half a dragon with legs is made of pure gold," he said.

He added that the statue would be handed over to the local government, as long as it was for cultural purposes.

Meanwhile, the head of the local Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports Agency, Sutan Henrim, said that he had received reports regarding the discovery of historic objects in Sitiung District.

"The steps taken by the Regional Government are by directly visiting the homes of the people concerned, as well as reporting to the Batusangkar Cultural Heritage Center of West Sumatra," he said.

According to him, the discovery of historic objects on the Batang Hari River is not the first time this has happened, because along the river Batang Hari many aspects of its history.

"This discovery is the second time, for the truth of the statue, is Adityawarman's heritage awaiting review from the Batusangkar Cultural Heritage Center of West Sumatra team first," he said.

He hopes that if people find historical objects so as not to immediately sell to other parties, because it is something that must be protected. (*)

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