Bilih fish popular souvenir among tourists

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Ikan Bilih (Mystacoleucus Padangensis) yang dijajakan di sepanjang Danau Singkarak, Sumatera Barat. (Antara Sumbar/Syahrul R/18) (Antara Sumbar/Syahrul R/18/)

Batusangkar, W Sumatra, July 9 (Antara) - Bilih fish (Mystacoleucus padangensis), the endemic fish of Lake Singkarak, in Ombilin Rambatan Sub-district of Tanah Datar, West Sumatra Province, has become a popular edible souvenirs among tourists to the region.

One of fried bilih fish seller at Lake Singkarak, Junita Anwar Sinta said here on Sunday that most of the buyers are tourists from various regions.

"Tourists often buy this fish as a souvenir when visiting Lake Singkarak," she stated.

She continued, there are some other endemic fish of Lake Singkarak, such as "turiak" and "asang" fish which are larger than bilih fish.

According to her, bilih fish buyers are not only local tourists from West Sumatra, but also from various regions in Indonesia.

"In general, tourists have previously been aware of bilih fish as local delicacy," she said.

One buyer from Jambi, Sabri Latif remarked he had often bought bilih fish when visiting West Sumatra or Lake Singkarak.

According to him, fried bilih fish sold along Lake Singkarak has a distinctive taste, it is slightly different than other freshwater fish.

Similarly, other buyers, Rosmah Ali who came from Pekanbaru conveyed that bilih fish is well known, and uniquely, this fish only exist in West Sumatra Province.

"Because of the uniqueness and the taste is good then I purposely bought it as the souvenir of Lake Singkarak," he added.

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