Shelter Construction for Ateh Market's Traders Requires Rp10.5 Billion

id Shelter Construction for Ateh Market's Traders Requires Rp10.5 Billion

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Bukittinggi, (Antara Sumbar) - Mayor of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, M Ramlan Nurmatias said the construction of a shelter for traders of Pasar Ateh requires Rp10.5 billion.

"Until now, these funds have not been fulfill, we are still looking for and collect funds," he said in Bukittinggi, Monday.

The available fund currently stands at Rp2.5 billion while each stall costs Rp11 million beyond VAT.

The shelter is built as comfortable as possible to maintain the charm of Ateh Market as one of the shopping destinations in the area.

The shelter is provided at two points for shopping center merchants ie the parking area beside former Gloria Cinema and Putih Market and one point for the five-time traders in the Back Market area.

Current conditions, kiosk building is still running while traders take advantage of the side of Ateh Market shops which was once a street hawker and outer row of one storey shops that do not burn to trade.

Another trader who owns a four-wheeled private vehicle, utilizes Minangkabau Street which is now used as a parking location to hold merchandise in the boot of parked cars.

Related to the feasibility test results of Ateh Market shopping complex, Ramlan said that until now it has not received the test result information. (cha)

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