Mount Marapi temporarily closed

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Mount Marapi temporarily closed

Marapi mountaineers in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. (Antara / Ethri Saputra)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The government of Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra has temporarily closed Mount Marapi for local and outside climbers.

Division head of Tourism in Batusangkar Thursday said the closure was aimed in anticipating the spread of Covid-19.

"All attractions in Tanah Datar including Mount Marapi are temporarily closed according to a circular from the government regarding the handling of Covid-19," he said.

He said the local government had conducted communication and coordination with managers and owners of attractions, cafes, hotels and homestays in Tanah Datar.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs in restaurants, cafes, hotels and homestays should implement the health protocol for handling Covid-19 in running their business.

Employers should provide hand washing facilities with liquid soap or hand sanitizers and running water in public spaces.

"Then do regular cleaning at public facilities that are often touched by hands and spraying with disinfectant liquid," he said.

While Covid-19 task force spokesman Roza Mardiah said that since the formation of the task force the number of people in monitoring continued to increase.

"Formed Thursday, 3/19 to Wednesday, 3/25 from 20 ODP(people under monitoring) cases with 1 PDP (patient under investigation) increased to 90 ODP with 3 PDP people," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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