Dharmasraya holds "arung pamalayu", the momentum to commemorate the First National Maritime Day

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Dharmasraya holds "arung pamalayu", the momentum to commemorate the First National Maritime Day

Regent of Dharmasraya Sutan Riska Tuanku Kerajaan (Ist)

Dharmasraya (ANTARA) - The Regent of Dharmasraya, Sutan Riska Tuanku Kerajaan, plans to hold "arung pamalayu" as a momentum to commemorate the First National Maritime Day.

The purpose of the event on 23 September, related to the triumph of the Dharmasraya called the center for Sumatra in the maritime field, has long been known by abroad since the Middle Ages.

"The glory will be remembered in the Arung pamalayu event which will be held on the Batanghari River. "Arung pamalayu is used as a commemoration of national maritime day," Sutan Riska said on the sidelines of the opening of the road at Padang Sawah Temple on Thursday.

He revealed, this maritime day has never been commemorated nationally since it was set by President Soekano in 1952 ago.

"The performance of the arung pamalayu on 23 September, which can be used as a commemoration of the first maritime day in Indonesia. The date which appointed is same with the date decided by the first President, "said Sutan Riska.

The intention of the Regent of Sutan riska to make the arung pamalayu event part of the maritime day commemoration was considered by many as a step towards Dharmasraya's diplomacy to the national stage.

The arung pamalayu which will be held by the regency together with residents of Dharmasraya on September 23 will be attended by thousands of local people.

The Regency Government will invite national and local journalists to cover the cultural event.

At least 100 ornamental boats will be deployed. The committee will also invite all "ninik mamak" and traditional stakeholders to be able to attend the arung pamalayu event.

In addition to presenting an ornamental boat parade, the committee also held a maritime talk show with resource persons from river experts, spice path experts and Ministry of Maritime officials.

Aside from being a Dharmasraya diplomacy room on the national stage, the arung pamalayu and the Maritime Talkshow are also expected to be a means to launch the people's economy, including the development of the regional tourism sector.

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