W Pasaman is Launcing September as Reading Month

id W Pasaman is Launcing September as Reading Month

Illustration. Children are reading book. (Antara)

Simpang Empat, (Antara Sumbar) - West Pasaman District, West Sumatra is launching 14 September as a library visit day and September as a month of reading at Simpang Empat on Wednesday (Sept 13).

Secretary of West Pasaman Regional Government, Manus Handri gave appreciation to the Archives that has been active to attract reading interest and increase the visit to its library.

"By doing this declaration, it is a milestone in improving the quality of Human Resources for future generation of West Pasaman which will be better and more in quality," he said.

He argued that the increasingly globalized world indirectly has forced all parties to sharpen the observation of information in circulation.

One of them is to enliven the reading which is the key to improve the quality of self.

"Let us be wise in accepting and appraising a story, and by reading there will be much science to gain," he said.

On that occasion also held coloring contests and writing contests of folklore. It also launches library cards for children, ranging from early childhood education.

Launching the day likes to read and day of library visits are enlivened by coloring contest of kindergarten and writing competition of folklore for junior / MTSN level.

Actually in general West Pasaman fully regulates the interest of reading, students and society with the stipulation of regulation No. 72 of year 2017 about the implementation of library services.

Head of Filing Services of West Pasaman, Evita Murni said the purpose of this activity is to increase people interest in reading.

The goal for the formation of characters and the writing of folklore related to give such inspire and formation of stories or tales especially about the area.

"Hopefully the launch of the day of library visits will increase the interest of young people to continue reading in order to improve the quality of human resources," she hoped. (cha)

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