W Pasaman To Increase Beef Production

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Illustration. Beef. (Mario Sofia Nasution /AntaraSumbar)

Simpang Empat, (Antaranews Sumbar) - West Pasaman District, West Sumatra increased beef production through a national program of raising livestock population namely Special Efforts of Mandatory Breeding Cattle (UPSUS SIWAP).

"West Pasaman is supported with the potential of cattle development, especially West Pasaman is one of the sources of Bali cattle seeds," Head of Food Crops and Horticulture of West Pasaman, Memizesmita stated in Simpang Empat, Tuesday.

She said the long-term target is West Pasaman toward national beef self-sufficiency in 2026.

"In 2015, West Pasaman became one of two regencies or cities in West Sumatra and one of 50 SPR in Indonesia," she pointed out.

According to UPSUS SIWAP, it is a national movement as a continuation of activities year to year to encourage the growth of beef cattle in Indonesia in accordance with Permentan Numb. 48 / Permentan / PK. 210/10/2016.

Moreover, West Pasaman has the potential for developing large ruminant livestock with a population of 17,587 cattles which 12,880 of them are female cows.

To that end, it is continuously working to increase the acceleration of the increase of livestock population in an integrated manner through the activities of Identification of Livestock Reproduction Status (ISRA), Artificial Insemination (IB), Gynecology Service and Reproductive Disorder.

"In 2018, we continue to make the best contribution to people of West Pasaman especially farmers," she added. (cha)

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